Kane Road Retreat – A Sustainably Built Home in Hawea Flat

Location: Hawea Flat

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Pointy Flat House – A Sustainably Built Home in Hawea Flat

Establishing a Sense of Place

Nestled in the heart of Hawea Flat, our client’s journey began with a vision of a lifestyle change and a connection to the land that spoke to them.

They sought to transform their newly acquired property, once a rustic concrete farm shed, into a warm and comfortable haven that truly embraced the surrounding landscape.

Several of the roads in Hāwea Flat – including Kane Road where this house is situated – are named after families who were some of the earliest European settlers. A farming community since the 19th century, these historic stories still run strong through the area’s architecture.

The Importance Of A Truly Local Team

For this ambitious project, they wanted a team deeply rooted in the region, intimately acquainted with its history and character. This meant a careful choice of architects (for which we were proud to be chosen) and also the building team.

Holloway Construction Ltd were the key building partner for this project with their intricate knowledge of the local area. They also understand that every building project is as unique as the owner – a crucial trait for any builder taking on a project like this one.

Adding another layer of richness to this story, builder Brendan lived in the house, many moons ago. This confirmed for the clients that he was the right choice for the job.

This was a critical decision for the couple, as they knew the importance of having a design and construction team that understood the essence of the place, they were now calling home. Read more about our process which was key to the Kane Road Retreat project in Hawea Flat.

Kane Road Retreat – A Sustainably Built Home in Hawea Flat - Chaney & Norman Architects

Building Smarter, With Liveability At The Forefront of Design Decisions

The design concept revolved around enhancing the liveability of their space while preserving the character of the existing structures. The old in-situ cast concrete farm shed, and timber frame add-ons were ripe for a modern transformation.

The goal was not to build big, but to build smarter, utilising sustainable practices and reusing materials wherever possible.

So, what does building smarter mean, technically?

– The internal RAB board layer serves dual purposes: acting as both bracing and an airtightness layer, making it cost-effective.
– Unlike traditional methods, placing the RAB on the interior minimises moisture build-up within the framing.
– With the RAB on the inside, there’s no need for an extra vapour control layer, achieving exceptional airtightness.
– Window joinery is sealed to the internal RAB board, further enhancing airtightness.
– By omitting nogs in the wall framing, we reduce thermal bridging and ensure continuous insulation from bottom plate to top plate, enhancing insulation performance.
– New fully insulated slabs with underfloor heating connect to low-temperature radiators throughout the house, featuring a summer bypass mode for cooling when needed.

Connecting to the Landscape in Hawea Flat

The project breathed new life into their property by adding two distinctive ‘pods,’ each with its own architectural language.

One nestled to the North, and the other to the South of the existing form, strategically positioned to maximise views and interaction with the awe-inspiring mountains and landscape.

It’s a home that’s not just in the landscape but is part of it. The surrounding mountains are captured from every possible opportunity in the home. Without flashy large expanses of glass, the landscape is effectively captured and framed throughout the home.

Creating Spaces of Retreat

Inside, the design catered to the need for retreat, providing tranquil spaces for working from home and hosting visiting family and guests. One unique space we love is the retreat above the primary bedroom, which provides both an oasis and workspace with a window framing the view of Grandview Mountain.

It’s a place where comfort reigns supreme, where healthy material choices and sustainable, ethically sourced materials take centre stage.

Kane Road Retreat

Building for the Client, Not the Market

What truly sets this project apart is the personal touch. It was never about building for the market, which so many projects can be. Their unique needs, their vision of tranquillity, and their desire for a genuine connection to their surroundings were key to every decision.

A testament to the owner’s ingenuity is the re-use of concrete pillars at Kane Road Retreat – Hawea Flat. Once supporting a front porch, they have been turned on their side to create a landscaped step in the back garden.

An Honest Approach

For clients who had experienced the difficult challenges of construction after the Christchurch earthquakes, trust was paramount. They needed a team they could rely on to deliver the project safely and honestly—a team committed to making their dream home a reality.

The Kane Road Retreat is more than just a house; it’s a testament to the power of design, sustainability, and a deep connection to people and place.

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Kane Road Retreat – A Sustainably Built Home in Hawea FlatKane Road Retreat - Architecturally Designed House Hawea Flat
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