Certifying Energy Efficient Homes With Homestar

Certifying Energy Efficient Homes With Homestar

We are members of the New Zealand Green Building Council. We are proud to say that our entire team are now certified Practitioners and Assessors for the NZGBC Homestar rating scheme.

So, why do we believe in certifying energy-efficient homes with Homestar?

Certifying Energy Efficient Homes In New Zealand

Homestar is a comprehensive, independent rating tool that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of New Zealand homes. Ratings can be undertaken at the ‘Design’ and ‘Built’ stages. Ratings take into account energy use, water use, waste, ventilation, health and comfort, in addition to other environmental factors.

Most new homes built to the current Building Code will only achieve half the score of the minimum Homestar 6 rating. A more considered design approach allows a much higher rating home. A 6 Homestar rating or higher provides assurance that a home will be warmer, healthier and cost less to run than a typical new home.

Certifying energy-efficient homes with Homestar ratings, give us a clearer indication of a homes performance.

The Homestar Rating System

Homestar ratings can only be assessed by qualified professionals and certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council. As Homestar Practitioners and Homestar Assessors, our team can advise you early in the design process what Homestar rating level is appropriate for your brief and budget, and how this can be best achieved.

We can also formally assess your project for a Homestar ‘Design’ rating during the design process, and assess a Homestar ‘Built’ rating during construction on site.

Homestar PractitionerHomestar Assessor

Homestar assessment complements our key Architectural services. With our combined local experience and technical expertise, we are able to help our clients create a comfortable, durable, energy efficient home that maximises the potential of their site and budget.

Energy Efficiency Building Incentives With Homestar

With discounted mortgage rates available for lending on a home that achieves Homestar 6 or over, there are also significant financial incentives now available to building a healthier, warmer and more energy efficient home.

As the recognition and prevalence of the Homestar Rating system grows, we’re thrilled to see banks as well as developers of new subdivisions, putting incentives in place for building more sustainable homes.


NZGBC Member 2023-2024 Chaney Norman

Certifying Energy Efficient Homes With Homestar - Beth Chaney's personal home was one of the first in Wanaka to receive a Homestar Rating of 8.
Beth Chaney-Walkers’s home – with a Homestar Rating of 8 – one of the first in Wanaka. Click the image to explore this project in our Portfolio.


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